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BB1007 LED Bulb


E27 LED Bulb Light


Power LED light bulb with parented design

Milky glass cover with transmission rate at 92%

E27 base

Adaopt a good design transports high brightness,unique bulbs design meet people requirement


● As accesorial light in show room meeting room ,hotel,cabinet,

● Home,office,boat accent lighting

● Surface or Recessed lighting

Parameter :

Part Number Color Temperature Luminous Flux Max Power Test
Power Working
XF-BB01007 2700K - 6500K 630lm - 700lm 120° 25° 7*1W -20-45℃
XF-BB01009 2700K - 6500K 810lm - 900lm 120° 25° 9*1W -20-45℃

LED Bulb Light


1.Read the instruction carefully before use

2.Pls ensure the label of packing match with actual product

3.Pls make sure the power is off before use .Pls choose right power supply to match the product

4.Pls do not touch the product surface when it is lighting ,do not see the light sources by eyes directly

5.Indoor use only

6.Pls do not put the product ( e27 led bulb light )as children toy

Project photo of E27 LED Bulb Light:

E27 LED Bulb Light